Saturday, September 24, 2011

Falling for Fashion

Here are some trends that have recently caught my eye and become my must-have's for fall. If only I didn't work all the time and I had somewhere to wear some of these fabulous  items. I begin to find myself missing school, when I could show off my favorite new buys and different outfits I put together...but then that moment has passed! Funny how we get a grown-up job to make more money to buy the clothes/shoes/stuff we love but then we are too busy to show them off. I swear I have somewhat of a life... going to visit some old friends tonight!

Urban Outfitters
UO Shoes

I am obsessed with Aztec.
Ombre Blue

Hair Tips
This colorful hair trend is just gorgeous.
Long Braid
Wrap Around
Boho Fishtail
These too.... hair can top off any outfit!

 Where did you go, Alexis?
Tangerine Lips
Be brave, wear some color on those lips!
 Thicker shorts in various fabrics for chilly weather (look great with tights).
Need Supply Co.

American Apparel
 Thigh high.

What are some of your new favorite trends? 


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