Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Most Eligible

There is nothing more inspiring to me than someone who, from the instant I see them, exemplifies what I look for in style, beauty and then... suddenly has me wanting everything they own! From the hair to the accessories, all the way down to the pumps they are rocking. 

I am not really in to the show Most Eligible Dallas, but when I came across it one night and nothing else was on.. I could not help but want to watch little miss Courtney Kerr and her abundance of perfectly pieced-together outfits. She very quickly moved to the top of my "best dressed" list and I have been consumed ever since. I do not think I have ever seen someone dress so similar to what I love and always look so ravishing.. even when she is just in Nike and working out. Her hair is amazing and outfits continuously topped off with the most gorgeous jewelry. Check this fashionista out! 

Photos taken from Google Images & Bravo TV


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